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How We Can Help

How Our Water Solutions Can Help You

Solutions to Water Problems

  • Achieve any standard of purified water from most land, sea, or industrial process source
  • Customized to client specific purification criteria
  • Reduces disposal fees, fines and sewage surcharges
  • Superior reclamation yields and efficiencies
  • Reduce ground or municipal water depletion
  • Reject flow control and other reclamation options
Carden Technician puts finishing touches on Pilot Skid

Carden Technician puts finishing touches on Pilot Skid

Every Carden unit is a custom water treatment system, designed and constructed specific to our certain client’s needs and specifications. Carden designs each water purification system in house with our team of highly qualified, professional engineers. The first request by our design engineers will be to ask our client for a recent water analysis which will provide us with the most important technical information with which to start our design process. Additionally we will ask that the client fill out our more comprehensive questionnaire so we can have a defined idea of the expectations of our client.

Download PDF Questionnaire