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Clean Water Solutions

 Carden serves a wide variety of water applications that can be used to  treat almost any water supply, including, but not limited to, brackish & sea water (desalination), produced water from oil & gas, cooling tower feed & “blow down” water, beverage companies for feed water, Reverse Osmosis (RO) recovery and crushed cane sugar concentration, breweries, wineries, bilge and grey water (Navy, cruise lines, tankers etc.), industrial, landfill & agricultural waste water and mine discharge.

Carden’s brand of proprietary water technology opens up a new era in commercial and industrial water regeneration and conservation. No longer will industry have to choose between containing costs and environmental stewardship. No longer will it be necessary to wash billions of gallons of “used” water down the drain – and pay mightily for the privilege.  Carden water technology also fully answers industries’ and environmentalists’ most pressing concerns for water conservation problems, both economically and ecologically.

Carden allows for improved company performance by providing company management the tools to quickly respond to changing business conditions with proven solutions for water treatment technology.

The industry standards of efficiencies, capitalization and operation costs have been proven to be substantially improved with the automated Carden skid mounted EC Reactor.

Download our case studies:

Case Study: Pellet Flow Circuit Reactor (Electrocoagulation)

Case Study: Landfill Leachate

Case Study: Fracking and Produced Water